Carolyn Gilbert

Carolyn Gilbert 2014

Carolyn Gilbert is a preeminent media research and marketing strategist and expert, with more than 30 years experience taking radio stations from also-ran positions to number one in their markets. As President and CEO of Cincinnati-based NuVoodoo Media Services, Carolyn and her five-star team serve radio stations and groups with micro-targeted research, marketing and digital strategies designed for the PPM and digital age. NuVoodoo’s proprietary products and services are light years ahead of old school techniques — and drive measurable results with greater efficiency, which means lower costs, shorter lead times, more accurate information — and happier customers.

Educated and experienced in radio broadcasting on the station level, Carolyn founded Critical Mass Media in the 80’s to serve two stations, then 12 stations, and ultimately, Jacor Broadcasting’s (225+) stations. Under Carolyn’s leadership, Critical Mass Media expanded to over 700 employees and served every major radio group in the U.S. with research and marketing services. In 1999, Critical Mass became in-house provider of services for Clear Channel’s 1200 radio stations, with Carolyn at the helm as President of Critical Mass Media.

In 2008, Carolyn took on a new challenge as EVP of Research and Inside Sales for the Tribune Company. At Tribune, she developed research and sales strategies for the company’s television and newspaper assets, served as corporate MRC rep, and managed relationships with Nielsen, Kantar Media, Magid, ABC and other vendors and organizations. This experience expanded her professional purview well beyond radio’s borders.

Given the opportunity to act on the concept of, “If we knew then what we know now, how would we do it?” Carolyn founded NuVoodoo Media Services in 2010. NuVoodoo provides innovative products to the radio industry, working within limited budgets and timelines to deliver results. “Because that’s the way we always do it,” has become a forbidden sentence at NuVoodoo. With the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals on her team, Carolyn is excited to serve broadcasting companies under the independent umbrella of NuVoodoo Media Services.

Contact Carolyn Gilbert at: and at 513.702.5070.