Rena-Marie Villano

VO- RenaMarie

Rena-Marie’s been a working voice actor since the 90s. Her signature sound is heard daily on
radio, television, film, online, in audiobooks and new media.
As a promo and in-show voice, she’s been heard on Hulu, ABC’s NBA Countdown, ESPN,
Netflix, Game Show Network, Food Network, Ellen, EPIX, DIY Network, HGTV, Tosh.0, The
Weather Channel, MGM HD, NBC, The CW and WSOC-TV in Charlotte, NC. She’s voiced
trailer campaigns for Bombshell, Blockers, What Men Want, Collecting Dust, All the Money in
the World, Grace and Frankie, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. She’s the Live Announcer
for The Hollywood Film Awards and The Game Awards. She’s voiced commercial campaigns
for Arco, CenturyLink, Kohl’s, Bank of America, Midas, Sherwin Williams, Milk, SoCalGas, Auto
Trader,, Pacific Foods, McDonalds, Verizon, Chevron, Wal-Mart, Dinty Moore,
GNC, Shell and American Cancer Society, among others. She’s narrated audiobooks for
Peggy Noonan and Steve Jones, kids’ games for PBS, documentaries for TLC, Discovery Fit &
Health and OLN, presentations for eBay LIVE! and industrials for Fortune 100 companies like
Google, Comcast, Intel, HP, Chase, Apple, Citi, Microsoft and Oracle, to name a few. In the
world of radio imaging Rena-Marie, simply put, is…..a……BADASS. If Joan Jett, Lady Gaga
and Steven Tyler had a love child she would look and sound just like R-MV. Rock and Roll runs
through her veins and her edge and attitude are the envy of the industry.